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Hi Everybody,

i'm new in the community.

i read about some investing strategy but i want to ask you which one is better in my scenario.

I'm from italy, so some things about fees and taxes are different.

I bought my first house (apartment in a condo) (25% downpayment and 75% mortgage from the bank at 1.2%), i want to rehab it and i'm not sure about how to you think is better to rent it out or re-sell?

Maybe some numbers can help!?

price of the property: 160k

rehab cost: 50-60k

value of the property after rehab: 260-320k

i think a possible rent cost will be a little bit more of 1k/month, with normal contract, or 800-1600/month via airbnb (already with 4 years experience renting on Airbnb).

any suggestion about which strategy you think is better? and why?

thank you in advance and sorry for some english mistakes.

@Denz Po   welcome to BP.

You don't give enough detail to be sure, but this doesn't seem like a particularly good deal for holding a s rental or for rehab and flip. Maybe things work differently in Italy but here those seen to be tight numbers.  I think Air BNB is prob. the best but that is not something I am very familiar with. 

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