Partnering with a bird dog.

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I've spent a lot of time figuring out what is the best way for me to get started in real estate. I've decided since I don't have the money to invest in real estate myself that I want to find deals for others and essentially sell them them the contract for a percentage of the profits. (I didn't want to wholesale because I discovered I can send a lot of buyers and sellers to realtors as long as I got a real estate license which will be completed shortly.)

However, my hang up is how much should I be asking investor's for since my only intent is to find the property, and then assign it into a new partnership. The partner would be required to do all the work and potentially bring the money for the project. What do you think is a fair split as a finders fee, and should this be different for a fix & flip vs a rental?

So you want to wholesale, but for equity?  Probably not going to happen but It would have to be a really low percentage, especially for a rental.  You might be able to make it happen on a flip if you agree to list it for free though.

Thanks for the response, I can understand why someone wouldn't want to do it with a rental especially with low margins. Assuming I listed the property as a part of the contract, would 35%-40% of net (before taxes) be fair for a flip?

Sure, where I am the market is extremely competitive. Houses in the mid to lower prices ranges are on the market for less than a few hours at a time. REI's are hard enough to come by as is. What do you feel would be an appropriate amount?

@Jonathan Loosle depends on what flipping margins look like but something approaching a slightly higher than standard commission if things go well is probably where you'll be; so in my area that would be maybe 20% of the profits, but you run the risk of if it fails you get nothing or less than standard.  A better strategy may be just to bring it to someone in exchange for the listing when the flip is complete.