Modular housing vs stick built housing

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Wanted to see if anyone out there has any experience with modular housing. In theory, it seems like a great way to get cost savings and time savings on construction costs. What are the biggest pro/cons you have experienced with a modular house as opposed to your regular site-built/ stick-built house?

Hi @Laren Eustace ,

My competitor uses SIPS panels for their construction (which is a modular construction material). They do a regular stem wall, and then order SIPS panels from a manufacturer. All the pieces get delivered and assembled in a couple days. SIPS panels are insulation sandwiched between OSBs. They create a tighter building envelope, and allow for a energy efficient home. I'm not sure if the materials are more or less expensive, but they definitely build quickly. 

I don't use SIPS panels because I build in Florida. High humidity, high moisture, and termites. Wooden properties are susceptible to those 3 items while block is water proof and termite proof. Block is also the best building material against hurricanes. You will cover the exterior walls with stucco or siding, but without regular painting and maintenance, those cracks can allow for water intrusion and who knows what will happen after. 

As far as building with pre-cast concrete construction. That's the ideal option, but I haven't spent the money designing a home with pre-cast construction to take it to a manufacturer who says the job is too small for them to supply. That type of construction is very popular on large commercial jobs.