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My wife and I are just starting out into REI and are reading, listening, going to seminars on ALL things REI. We have settled and decided to concentrate on multi-family homes, namely duplexes for now. My question is this, what sort of team do you need? Who all do you need to work with?


Mortgage person (bank)


Real estate attorney

Is there anyone else?

@Quentin Brown

Possibly a property manager

Potentially a hard money and or private money lenders.

I would also recommend you finding more than one option even if you have a core team. In other words have more than one lender to give you quotes as well as contractors. That way one might be available when the other isn’t or might possibly have better rates.

@Quentin Brown 

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You need an accountant that works with real estate investors and understands real estate taxation. 

You need education and/or a mentor. Check out the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association for education and networking. They have many monthly educational meetings. 

Good luck on your real estate journey.