Hey BP Fam,

Its Marc here, the Nubie from NJ.

So part of my of my investing strategy is to buy and hold multifamily in areas that have a blue collar worker force, specifically in zip codes with major Logistics and Warehouse hubs, as I believe eCommerce and online shopping is fueling their growth, and these fulfillment centers are fast replacing our retail stores - and they need man power to run them.......that being said.... 

I found a link to Apartment Rental Data and 

a. Wanted to share it with ya'll fine folks - https://www.apartmentlist.com/rentonomics/rental-data/

b. Get ya'll input on how you go about spotting trends, specifically as it pertains to rental growth and short term (3-5 yrs) house price growth

Much respect and gratitude to all those that are trailblazing and giving back, I hope to join the ranks some day!

Marc with a 'C'