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Hi Everyone! 

So I am in real estate school in Morrow, GA. It is a little early on in the classes but I'm starting little by little to learn what brokerage to work for. I wanted to get some opinions before I talk to them and ask questions. First of all, what are the main things I should be looking for when searching for the right brokerage? Should I join a team or go solo AND how should I determine which would be best for me? Splits, training, mentors, whats best and what should I look out for? If anyone has brokerage recommendations around the Atlanta area and can answer some or all of these questions I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks so much!

Hi @Fallon Morris . Is being an agent your end goal, or is it a waypoint to becoming an investor?

If you want to become a great agent, I recommend you pick a brokerage that has a track record of providing the systems and training to bring new associates up to speed quickly. (There are quite a few of these in Georgia.)


If your ultimate objective is to become a real estate investor, then I suggest you only consider brokerages that have a significant number of active and successful investor clients. Better still, find one where the broker(s) in charge are themselves investors. (There are not as many of these in Georgia.)

I do have some brokerage recommendations, particularly for this latter category. Connect with me here on BiggerPockets if you'd like to hear them.

Good luck!

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