Tips on Where to start

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I am a wanting to get into real estate investing. I have semi good credit (675) and a decent amount of money saved for a down payment unfortunately i have a bankruptcy within the past 2 years. I first started out with the idea of purchasing 2 duplexes but then considered purchasing a house and fixing it up, refinancing, and using that extra money to put a down payment on another home.

i am searching for advice from more experienced investors/agents/flippers on where they think i should start. I currently rent the house i live in and i have a son, single dad.


@Trevor Montgomery You are probably limited in your ability to get a mortgage and being able to purchase a property under your own name. One thing you might be able to do is to find a motivated seller who would be willing to partner with you. He/she stays on the title while you do the rehab as apart of a flip. When you sell the property you get your money back at the time of the sale and through your profits. The terms of the agreement with the seller can vary a lot depending on what you are each looking for. You also want to make sure you protect yourself so the seller doesn't sell it out from you once the work is done.