Montgomery Al long distant investing

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I am a beginner investor and Montgomery seems to be a great place to start with low prices and property taxes. But what’s the downside of Montgomery I know there’s some areas not recommended to invest in. I’m also gonna be in the military for 6 years. I will have steady income traveling to my pockets. Any advice would be appreciated. 

@Jose Nunez

Montgomery is known for strong cash flow and low appreciation. Generally, you can expect more expenses (turn over, vacancy, repairs, etc.) to correlate with lower sales prices. You will average a better return but it will cause fluctuation in cash flow and will be less of a passive investment. Also, for people who travel frequently, major repairs always seem to happen while out of the country. My advice for the first rental would be to create a maintenance reserve/savings account funded at closing and/or by a portion of the monthly rent. 

Please message me if you would like for me to email you good rental properties in the Montgomery Area!

@Michael Atkins

Thank you for the response. Currently I’m trying to learn as much as I can about real estate and the market of Montgomery. Before I get shipped out for bootcamp. And does Montgomery have great property manager? Are there many agents that are accustomed to real estate investors?