Best 2020 Real Estate Conferences

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It really depends on what you’re looking to do! What direction are you wanting to head in? People will give many suggestions based on THEIR personal goals lol

It looks like the Best Ever Real Estate Investing Conference will be a good one. Unfortunately, I already have a commitment for that weekend and can't make it.

Will Bigger Pockets be having another conference in 2020?

@Nicholas Potocki @Haley McLaughlin Honestly I feel like the best options for beginners is not attending a large conference as much as attending local real estate meet-ups. Find the closest BP meet-up, if there isn't one then I strongly encourage you to host one. (Get over the limiting belief that you don't know enough to host, just create one on BP, market on Facebook, and directly invite people on BP who are in your market). I know this might seems counter-intuitive but if you're getting started the most important next step is learning your market, and networking with local real estate professionals (investors, agents, attorneys, contractors, inspectors etc..).

It's not that you can't get a lot from a larger event but in my opinion, when getting started in anything you should be trying to deconstruct the big picture goal (invest in real estate) into smaller actionable steps. A large conference in my opinion may be more likely to make that big goal seem even bigger, while starting with learning your market, and networking locally is a massive step in investing that is very attainable and a confidence boost.

Don't take this as a criticism, I love seeing people active and getting started and most importantly seeking to learn I'm just giving my opinion on a great next step. I have heard from people who attended the Best Ever Conference that it is an awesome event but is geared toward higher level investing (experienced investors, mid-larger multi's, syndications), if you were going to a bigger event, I would recommend the BiggerPockets one to be more beginner friendly.

Disclaimer: Still, this is all just my opinion from my experience and from what I hear talking to other investors, I haven't personally attended a large event yet. lol So take my advice with a grain of salt.

Best of luck either way!

I look forward to seeing your progress in real estate, keep the BP community updated, there are a ton of incredible people on this site.



@Nicholas Potocki I agree with @Ryan Luby , starting out by attending local meetups and REIA events are a great way to meet people just starting out on their journey, even better yet you can start a meetup of your own and attract these people to you. If you are looking for conferences for multifamily I have listed a few below to check out.

Michael Blank Deal Maker Live

Neal Bawa Bootcamps

Rod Khleif Bootcamp

MFIN Conferences

Adam Adams Raising Money and Deal Finder Summits

Best Ever Conference

For large conferences, I would also vote for Joe Fairless's Best Ever Conference. The Real Estate Guys also put on serval good events per year.

To build up your network and knowledge quicker then one or two national conferences a year I would get involved in your local REIA groups to meet like-minded people doing what you want to do. MeetUp is a good resorce to find local Real Estate clubs in your area.

@Nicholas Potocki , I'll echo what everyone else has already mentioned in getting out to your local meetups. If you are looking to network with landlords that are just beginning then your local REIAs or meetup groups will certainly be the best bet. To add to that, the ability to create substantive relationships (the whole point of networking...not just to be another business card in someone's stack) is much easier when you are meeting people nearby you.

Meet someone you really connect with or want to continue to learn from? Much easier to create a relationship when they are local. 

Going to a national/regional event is great and I'd totally recommend it! I've been to a few (MidAtlantic Summit most recently), and you can learn a ton and connect with some really great people. 

From what you stated as your goals, I'd focus on becoming a fixture at your local meetups! Hope this helps!

I like the advice about starting to network through my local meetups. I will begin doing that starting tomorrow with a meetup in Lexington, KY. 

However, I am interested in a real estate conference as a means to get away to think more deeply about real estate investing. I find that if I can get away for a few days, I have more time to think and focus on long term strategies, and I will the opportunity to network also. While a local meetup is a good idea, and I will begin attending some, I would like to go to at least one conference this year. Unfortunately I can't go to the Best Ever Conference. What others are very good for beginners? I currently have 5 single family home rentals, and would like to grow to about 20 in the next few years. 

Any meetups in Houston, TX?

I'll host one... I know we can use Total Wine classrooms to meetup and visit and maybe get a free tasting!

@Nicholas Potocki check out the Mid Atlantic Summit 2020 in Philadelphia.  Lots of landlords to network with, lots of great speakers on a variety of topics, reasonably priced tickets.  There are a couple of BP threads on previous Mid Atlantic conferences if you want to check them out.  Note: I am NOT affiliated in any way, I just attended last year and had a great time.

@Nicholas Potocki I am a fellow Lexington investor and am attending three conferences this year.

1) Best Ever Conference Feb 20-34 in Keystone, CO. Great conference for all real estate investors. Joe Fairles puts it on and brings in hundreds of investors from across that nation as well as some amazing speakers.

2) IMN Single Family Rental Forum East  May 12-14 in Atlanta, GA. Great conference with a lot of larger institutional level players. Great place to hear about upcoming trends and network with the best of the best in the single family rental space, i.e. hedge funds and ultra-high net worth investors

3) BP Conference 2020 October sometime, New Orleans, LA. I don't think it has been officially announced yet but got details from a friend. Should be a great conference all around.

Originally posted by @Dan Handford :

Click here for a list that I have compiled of multifamily real estate conferences in 2020.

Very helpful list Dan! There's another conference, the Midatlantic Multifamily Investing Conference in Greensboro NC the weekend of March 20, hosted by Jerome Myers. Bunch of great speakers.