Fear of buying outside of your local area

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I live in Virginia Beach where it's not the easiest to find cash flowing properties (homes are expensive, rent is fairly low). I'm considering purchasing outside of Virginia but I currently have a fear of the unknown.

1) Having to find a broker, agent, property manager, etc.

2) Finding a location that I can confidently buy and rent. In VB, I know the neighborhoods, rental costs, etc. 

Has anyone dealt with this before/how did you get over it?


@Stephen Lynch . Fear always points you in the direction you need to go. Identify some markets you want to invest in, figure out criteria for those markets. Then call brokers, pm, contractors and build a list of people so you can feel more comfortable.

The Long-Distance Real Estate Investing book is what got me moving again after I had stagnated. It opened my eyes to possibilities, and because of taking action on what the book talks about, I have made relationships and partnerships that are proving fruitful. I went from no deals in 14 years to 3 deals in 3 months.