OBJECTION: are you an investor?

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I was cold calling and I got this objection: "are you an investor" I said yea and then he said he didnt want to deal with investors and he hang up the phone.

How would you handle this objection?

Off the top of my head, I would maybe ask "why is that important to you?" before directly answering the question. He more or less already knows you're an investor, or why would he be asking you that question? Secondly, why would you be calling him if you weren't?

Chances are he's gotten a lot of lowball offers from investors. Or what he considers to be lowball offers.

He might refuse to keep talking until you directly answer the question, but most people would rather talk about themselves and their own thoughts. We'd rather explain what we're thinking and feel heard.

The issue is not that you are an investor, the problem is the price. He was not willing to give you the property below fair market value and has learned that investors ask for that. So probably not a deal worth your time..

Ask more questions. If you want to handle the objection, you could say something like: I am looking for a house to work on. What is important for you when selling your house?

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@Marcus Auerbach the problem was that he didnt even let me talk or make an offer, so, he didnt really know if I was going make a lowball offer

Of course not - your answer was implied. They say don't practice on your paycheck - I have a scripts practice call every day with a peer and it is amazing how much better you get after a few months handeling objections.