Looking for Houston networking, meetups, etc

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As a newbie here, I've gone to several free events, but haven't seen bigger pockets represented in Houston, TX.

Looking for like-minded newbies, potential private lenders (of course), contractor referrals, wholesalers who dont mind sharing their tips and golden nugget, and most of all people with experience.

Surround yourself with successful people.

@Pete Storseth Houston is so big that the representation is very regional, most people in Kingwood arent going to drive 80 minutes to Galveston for a 2 hr meetup

Hi @Pete Storseth Welcome! We have one (not BP official) in the SE area each month if interested. Below are the details for you.


@Pete Storseth Hey Pete! We met at the last event.

I’m also looking to connect with others in Houston. I live in League City and am hoping to find some meetups closer to Galveston or start my own, but there is one downtown right by my work. I’m planning on going:


Did BP delete the meetup? Tried looking for the details and it seems to have disappeared