Any meetups in Miami? New to investing

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Hey everyone, my name is Abraham. I am looking to start investing in property. I'm a little stuck as to what to do. I have little income and do not know if it is possible to invest with the amount I receive. Is there any meetups in Miami, FL? I would like to start networking around in hopes that it kick-starts me a little and I gain some knowledge from vets.

Welcome @Abraham Waker !

If you buy me a plane ticket, I'll come down there and talk houses with you lol. Jk it's just cold up here in the mid west.

Checkout the meetup app in your app store! I'm sure there will be a couple you could attend and network.

Look at the top of the site under "NETWORK" and you will find local investors, investor groups, and meetings. If you don't find any, try starting your own group.

@Abraham Waker go to the MeetUp app and look up real estate meetups. They’re tons of meetups, in every city (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach) and almost every strategy—flips, wholesale, buy and hold, vacation rentals, commercial, multifamily, syndication. For example, I founded a MeetUp called AirBnb Hosts Miami that meets once a month and has almost 1000 members. Look us up on MeetUp or PM me for the link.

There are also one-off events on EventBrite. And look up BREIA and Miami Dade REIA.

Hey @Abraham Waker nice to meet you. My name is Mario Fernandez and I also live in Miami.

There is a few meet ups in Miami. Just go to and search for Real Estate. And do not worry everyone has been in that spot. The most important thing is get educated and connect with other like minded people.

Brandon Turner, David Greene and Mark Ferguson have amazing books that will teach a lot.

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