purchasing duplex via fha/asking tenants to leave

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Hello there! Long time listener of bigger pockets, new to the forum. I'll preface with; my fiancé and I just signed a purchase agreement to a duplex that I believe to be a perfect starter situation to our real estate investment career. We are buying with an fha loan and both sides are currently occupied. We don't yet have the old rental contract between the tenants and seller but we are curious: how do we go about asking the tenants on the one side to leave? From what I understand, we have 90 days to occupy the residence and would prefer our first transition to happen smoothly. Is the old rental agreement between seller/renters null and void once the deal closes? Thanks!

The current leases are still valid in change of ownership. You should get a copy of the leases ASAP. One side may be month to month as most lease term revert to month to month unless an extension is signed. Even with month to month you have to give the tenant the specified notice of non-renewal. If their lease is beyond the 90 day window you might entice them to move out for some cash ect. Good luck. Cheers.

Yeah get copies see what they say. If it’s month to month give them their notice. My state is very tenant friendly so the moment there’s an issue most people start an eviction process soon after otherwise that party maybe there for a long time. You should ask the current owner for as much info as possible and figure out who’s been a problem or complained about problems. This will give you the clear choice on who to leave and who to kick out. If you have the unit with the “problems” you’ll be able to repair them and won’t have to hear from a tenant. Assuming there is anything.

You can also just upgrade your unit to up rent on that side. rent yours for higher and get the next guy out repeating the process on the last unit just before you leave. Food for thought. Best of luck!