Scaling to create real wealth

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Remember, to create wealth you can't just score once, you must be able to report it. 

This is called scaling. Scaling (repeating) is critical to creating wealth. Can you do it over and over again?

This is why wholesaling doesn't work and why the stock market is an awful gamble. Even when you win, you know it is difficult to repeat. 

If you can't start with $350,000 like I did, then start with what you have and raise money, but don't do small deals; they don't work.


Totally get it. I jus think it is ok to start on a non-scalable process, as long the as the process can be scaled to a scalable process. Better than not starting at all. Many start in single families, scale their process to multis and finally to syndication and REITs to make multi-billion dollar portfolio.