Price Per Square Foot Construction in San Antonio

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I am evaluating a deal in San Antonio that would include an expensive renovation. What are the typical construction costs in the area per square foot for an average rehab? Thanks.

@Jon Martin this fluctuates depending on the area you're in, so it's hard to generalize. In areas where you may only need builder grade or basic materials (ARVs around $150k or less), you should be able to add for as low as $90/sqft. Better areas with higher ARVs that require mid-grade or high-end finish outs, you could be looking at $125-$150 per sqft. Of course I'm sure some folks would tell you "oh, I have a guy and I can do additions for only $70/sqft" or others who claim if you're paying less than $150/sqft your work is shoddy. But on average I think $90-150/sqft is a good range depending on the area and the class of finish-out.