Recommendations for business credit cards

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Hi all,

Hubby and I are looking to build our business credit, and would like any recommendations on business credit cards that would report to the business versus personal. Thanks.

I'm an executive for a financial institution, and run credit card portfolios. Here's a list of some of the best (in no particular order) that will all be tied to your corporate TIN and assist with building your business credit, while providing additional cashback on your spend. 

Capital One Spark Card

American Express Blue Business Cash Card

Chase Ink Business Card

Discover it Business Card

Bank of America Business Advantage Card

I will throw in this link to an article someone recently pointed me to. One thing I wanted to be aware of when choosing a business card is that the card wasn't reporting to my personal credit... That was important for me and my situation. I try to keep all those separate and don't need my business debt reporting to my personal credit. Now I think if you are delinquent, all cards are going to do that. But at the very bottom of this article, this shows a large list of cards & how they report (some business cards also report to your personal credit & some don't even report at all which makes no sense to me)