Buyers Broker Vs. Sellers Broker

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Hello, I am just starting my real estate journey. Thinking of buying a home and house hack. I am in my initial stages of finding a real estate agent but I am unsure if I go with a Buyers broker or sellers broker. A buyers broker does represent me but have to sign a contract for a certain period of time and can only go through them. While I go with a sellers broker I am not locked in with any real estate agent but they represent the seller. In a competitive market if you are a buyers broker or sellers broker they are still want the highest price for you to get the potential property. What would be the best options?

The sellers broker represents the best interests  of the seller - you are the buyer and would want a buyers agent to represent you as you are the buyer.  You can just contact a sellers agent and have no representation in the deal - BUT that leaves you no one that can provide  sound advice that is in your interests.

Interview agents and tell them your expectations - make sure they agree to it.  You can also state in the agreement you sign that you can fire them and get a different agent.  I am a licensed agent in Florida  & wouldn't keep a customer under hostage as a buyer's agent.

Particularly in competitive markets you would want a buyers agent who knows how to put together an offer to compete at the highest level. But not just having any old need someone who experienced at highly competitive situations. It can take some creative thinking to put together offers that win in multiple offer situations.

@Stephanie Simmons Thanks for the reply! I did not realize that the contract was negotiable. I am in Raleigh, North Carolina and found an agent that seems good but hesitating to commit for a long period of time. Changing the contract could put me on board. Thank you Stephanie!