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Hi, I am an RV salesman from the desert (phoenix). I am looking to start a real estate flipping company called Quick and Easy. My goal is to reach a target market in a 45 minute radious of my home. Most people know that the phoenix market is very interesting right now. There are many opportunities to flip homes in this area. I want to start and have only the basic information I have read on the web. I need to know what are some of the things I should watch out for when starting a company like this, And I would like to hear some stories on how others have gotten started. I am certain that I don't know as much as I need to in order for me to get this company rolling.

Welcome Ryan aboard of the BP Universe.

Maybe the commercial forum is not the right section for a start with flipping so I will inform @Joshua Dorkin to move your topic to the flip and rehab forum.


Hi Ryan welcome to BP. Certainly use the forums, articles, and blogs here to continue to educate yourself as to best practices and lead generation techniques as you get started; there is a wealth of information at your fingertips.