Hi Everyone,

My business partner and I have had the privilege of being a part of various real estate groups in our area that have been extremely vital to our growth in real estate. Although not a problem, we have found that many are male dominated so we've decided to start our own WOMANS real estate group :)

We want to create a community where women in real estate will shine and empower each other. Where we can share experiences, resources and to help one another grow both personally and professionally. And have FUN while doing it! For woman who are looking to learn how to take control of your financial future with real estate investing, this group is for you! 

It is a necessity for our community to have strong women roll models especially in Real Estate and entrepreneurship. We need women who have a voice and are able to share that voice in order to empower other women. We invite you to join us in a community of like-minded women who are ready to elevate their real estate game.

 If you or someone you know is interested please feel free to contact me for further information!