Wholesaling advice needed. How to contract?

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I'm sitting here analyzing deals everyday, helping an investor in my MasterMind group get more deals in NC (out of state for me). I have a way to get leads through Fb ads (I might use RVM maybe), and I had found a deal that he was going to give me a finders fee for. Unfortunately it fell through because it was under contract. I even saw it when it was fresh and didn't know he wanted it because he wanted 3/2s, & it was a 3/1. 

Right now because of COVID-19, he's taking a step back from investing which I understand, but for me to wholesale to cash investors, I can't rely on the goodness of their heart to give me a fair finders fee. I know if I assign a contract within 72 hours I can skip having to put in any kind of money in the deal (what I heard anyway). 

What I would like to know is how I can make an offer without Proof of funds. I can probably get off market deals via Fb ads, but I would think I had to pay for their attorney or someone to come up with a contract so it can be official and I can officially assign it to a cash buyer. If I had landed that last finders fee, that would have been my first deal (sorta). Still trying to get traction here. Thoughts?