Martel Turnkey Real Estate

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I've worked with Martel Turnkey. I've lent them private money. They do a top notch job on everything. Never had an issue. Great communication, everything's buttoned up. I've even walked some of their properties and can vouch for their high quality rehabs. I also highly recommend them. 

One piece of advice on buying a turnkey is to make the closing contingent upon all repairs being done and having a tenant in place. I've met other investors who went with other turnkey companies and after buying they wait months for the rehab to be finished and/or tenant placement. That's not really turnkey. But you won't have those kind of issues if you go with Martel. 

I recently closed on a turnkey property with Martel Turnkey last month. It was in Maple Heights, OH. The communication is top notch and the rehab was also very thorough. Definitely recommend them. If you want to know more about the purchase process, I can walk you through it. Just DM me. 

I have bought three properties with them over the past 2.5 years and it has been a positive experience. As a newbie investor, I was quite unsure and nervous about what I was doing but they were very helpful and held my hand through the process.
I'm very happy with my decision to invest through a turnkey company because without this experience, I might never have started investing at all for the process was too daunting and complicated to handle on my own. Antoine and Angelica were very helpful with my questions and the best part is that they always got back to me within a few hours.

I did not see any of the properties in person but I did hire property inspectors who's reports were very thorough. Overall the houses were in very good condition. There were a few issues here and there but never any big ticket items. Martel Turnkey was always very flexible and fixed all of the requested items. One important thing to mention is that the homes always appraised higher than our purchase price which is obviously ideal for investing. Two of the houses were occupied before closing and one had a vacancy for about a month after closing but Martel has agreed to pay for the principal and interest for that period and did so. The cashflow they advertised has been very accurate. No issues so far with the property managers. They've been professional and have streamlined systems in place. I'm sure there will be fixes and expenses down the line but I don't expect the houses to be perfect, it's a normal part of real estate investing.

Flipping homes does not appeal to me... for now. I simply don't have the time or experience to hunt for deals, manage renovations and sell or screen tenants. That's why all in all it has been a great experience working with Martel. I would recommend Martel Turnkey to any new investors looking to get into real estate investing.