How much do bird-dogs charge?

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I've read that 2-5K is what a birddog can expect. I'd like to do the same thing. My question is, how do I find investors? I have some properties that I think are deals and I'd like to get started.

bird dogs don't get 2000 to 5000 unless they are AWESOME at what they do and are finding monster real estate deals.

i'd say the average is about 500 bucks - from what others have told me. if you go on websites or respond to ads about "GET PAID TO FIND...."

it can be anywhere from 250 to 500 bucks.

the thing about getting into bird dogging is a real investor isn't going to want to waste too much time on you if you don't have any idea what you're doing.

and if you "think" something's a "good deal" and it's not - well then forget about it. but of course, i think any investor will take information from anyone...i mean if you offered an investor 100 properties and the 101st one was a sweet deal - it's worth it...for the investor!

it doesn't cost the investor any money or time to have you look for him/her.

but still, in order to make good use of YOUR TIME, study your local market, set up shop, get used to looking at properties and consider some of the legalities - then go for it.

bird dogging is appealing to the new investor because of the lack of risk...but it can also mean a lack of


good luck!