COVID took my career but drove me to Investing in RE

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I am in the medical field but so many around me have been effected with covid that I left my job because I have a huge family to go home too everyday.

I've been interested and reading on investing in Real Estate for months now and maybe this is my time to shine. I don't have any physical experience but i  am ready to get in the game! What would be the best route to begin with little capital, no experience, but PLENTY OF TIME to dedicate to getting in the game, and or helping others with deals while making passive income. I am willing to do it all.

I also live in the Bay Area peninsula which is extremely expensive, so should I be looking somewhere else to invest in? I am only familiar with the Las Vegas area outside of my area. Thank you!

@Shina Franklin hey shina, you have a resource that I'm currently lacking. Getting strong at finding off market deals is where a lot of investors shine.

I might be willing to partner with you on deals if you can spend time finding them. I'm in Las Vegas as well.