Any good lockbox I can buy on amazon?

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@Fili Aguirre I would not buy one from there. I have started using Vault Lock boxes from They are cheaper and are much better quality. For reference, I am using them for my realtor business in Chicago as well as to hold spare keys at all my rental properties, so I probably have around 25 of these deployed right now between all my listings and properties. 

@Fili Aguirre

These ones work fine for me, every property gets 3 of them. One for up, down, and myself / staff. I don’t think I can post a link but this is the headline.

Key Lock Box, Exterior Outdoor Waterproof Hide Wall Mounted Key Safe Box - House use Key Storage Lock Box(Black)

@Fili Aguirre

For my own use, I prefer the Kidde lockboxes. The push button combos are nice because the combo is never shown and you don’t have to worry about somebody forgetting to”reset” the tumblers before they leave

For Realtor listings, we have electronic lockboxes that only open for licensed Realtors and are satellite tracked so you know immediately (or as fast as the data can upload) when and who opened the lockbox. Honestly, I don’t understand how the country hasn’t switched over to this for the sake of security and accountability. I’ve heard there are similar systems available for personal use

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Hello, for those who use a lockbox to show property, could you recommend me a good lockbox I can buy on amazon?

We like masterlock 5400D. You can buy it on Amazon but it's available at most hardware stores & if you buy in bulk you could save money buying from a distributor.