How big of an headache is lead paint?

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So I am actually buying our first house in Las Vegas Nevada which was built in 1967. We plan on living there for a while with our young children, doing some cosmetic repairs while living there and then renting it out in a year or 2. We just submitted our offer but I'm curious how big of an headache is lead paint? Should I paint over it or remove it? Or avoid the property all together? Any advice or tips? Please and thank you.

On the outside of the house right? If so, it's not that big if a deal. I bet it's already covered by a few layers of non lead paint by now. You just have to have the tenants sign the lead paint disclosure form when they sign their lease.

And make sure your children don't eat the paint on the outside of the house. (which you would prob make sure of even without the paint being lead)