Leak repair whose at fault?

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I just closed on my first rental condo last month. I purchased a unit with tenants already in the unit and they just payed me my first rent check. However, today I get a call from the HOA saying that my unit is leaking to the unit downstairs. I already have a plumber on the way to check my unit and fix the leak however the downstairs unit owner is saying that I am liable for all the damages to his unit, there are some cracks in his roof and stains on the roof that look like they are from water. I am not sure how to proceed who is responsible should I get my insurance involved?

I feel it’s possible that this could be due to pipes in the building or roofing but the unit owner is saying I need to pay to repair his unit. Any advice or guidance on how to proceed would be much appreciated thank you.

Depending on how your HOA is set up. I have had that happen to me in my situation the owner of the unit (wall to wall) is responsible. They should notice a leak quick anyway. The HOA should be responsible for common pipes and damage if not fixed quick enough.