How can I provide value with my skills?

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What are some ways I could help someone experienced in real estate in exchange for some guidance in finding and working through a future first deal?

Since graduating from App State some 15 years ago, I've worked at a small-town newspaper and magazine publisher and in two woodshops building furniture, doors and cabinets in the Boone NC area. I mention that just to give an idea of some of my skills. 

Any ideas on how to find/approach a potential mentor? And any ideas on how I can provide some value to them based on some of my experience? I am not asking for something for nothing and am respectful of people's time. 

I know several people in local real estate just from living in the area for 20 years but I am not buddies with anyone in the industry? Could it be as simple as writing an email or letter to them explaining pretty much what I did in this post? If you've been in my shoes or in the shoes of the mentor, how would you recommend I go about this? 

Thanks in advance for any responses

@Jesse Wood

You saw our local Boone meet up thread. They met last month. I was not able to join in but I hope to next time. We moved the communication to a group text app. Contact Tristan S to see about getting joined. And try to attend during the next meet up (not scheduled yet).

Well you can always join a FB group or thread of investors in your area and when a person asks for maybe kitchen cabinet questions you can step in an offer your help for free or maybe offer free door repair.

Usually you have to show people what you can do for them for them to be interested to be a mentor

Some people are also genuinely happy to help others so asking people if you could run questions by them from time to time for help can work too but I’m not sure how active of a mentor you’re looking for