Wholesaling 101: How to Wholesale for Beginners

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Hey Chris, this was a great read! I'm 21 years old and just got into educating myself about wholesaling. You mention about making offers on the house to initially get the property under contract and show them proof of funds. What if you do not have that money and cant show them that but want to connect them with a cash buyer to be able to make that profit, how would you go about explaining that to the seller?                                                                                                                                                                              

@Chris Piper Incredible post Chris, would you consider going 50/50 if I find the property and you find the buyer? Anyone on here in fact would be welcome. I would be happy to aquire if you can provide the buyer? Have a great day all.

This is one of the most ultimate guide on wholesaling. Thanks, Chris! 

The main thing you need in order to get started wholesale houses is money (lots of investments), knowledge (Chris post will help!), connections (you'll make them here at BP) and drive (nothing more than your ability to pick up the phone and cold call). The road to wholesale houses begins with you. You need to be willing to put in the time and money needed early on. The great news is that it's not too difficult or expensive if you're willing to hustle.