Looking to Start but am still learning

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Hi Everyone, I'm new to the community here. I started learning about real estate investing through a friend and got introduced to Bigger Pockets through him.  I am really interested in learning how to invest in real estate and am wanting to get into the buy/potentially rehab and rent, but I have no idea how to start, i.e. fin a good deal, get financing, etc.  I feel a little overwhelmed and could use some advice.  Specifically, where would you go to find a good deal.  Would you buy a subscription to these foreclosure sites?  I've heard about goign to the city and getting a listing.  Any advice would be great.

I'd start with learning how to wholesale 1st. Then, continue to wholesale and add in Rehabs/Fix-n-Flips. Then, keep doing both of those and get into rentals. Check out my super detailed post on how to start wholesaling.