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Hello BiggerPockets Community,

It is a pleasure to meet all of you! I wanted to start out by introducing myself. My name is Bill Walker, I am 24 years old and I live in the Boston area in Massachusetts. Truthfully I am a complete newbie to the real estate game.

From hearing all the amazing stories from the BiggerPockets Podcast, it really has inspired me and given me the confidence in becoming a real estate investor. I know with hard work, networking, and the ability to find great deals I will be able to pave my way of obtaining financial freedom.

With that said, I have read Brandon Turner’s book The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and low) Money Down and I found that to be a great read and very informative. Like many, I am trying to find the balance of continuing to educate myself on the ways of real estate to ensure I am best prepared and when it is appropriate for me to take action. I am reaching out to all of you to hear your stories and to see if anyone has any good tips on actually taking that first step. Everything I listen to is about taking action and for someone like myself; new to the real estate game, young and willing to take risk, it would be awesome to hear how you all got started!

If anyone is willing I am absolutely open to have a discussion over the phone or if you would feel more comfortable via BiggerPockets I am more than happy to communicate here!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post, I look forward meeting all of you and hearing your stories. Best of luck as you continue your journeys and as always be well and stay safe during this time.


Bill Walker

Hi @Bill Walker ,

Welcome to BP! 

I got started by reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. then read a ton of other books for about a year and half before I felt ready. Took the plunge with a 3 family a few years back (closed the day after my 26th birthday). I think if I had talked to someone like minded during my education phase, I would have bought much sooner, than a year and a half.

Keep reading, keep saving, keep asking questions!

@Bill Walker welcome!  I am also a New Englander.  I'd love to connect over the phone.  Feel free to send me a message.

I got started as an attorney and then started networking and reading as much as I could.  We purchased our first four-unit by house-hacking and we are actively looking for the next deal.

@Bill Walker  Welcome to Bigger Pockets! It sounds like you're off to a great start. I work full time with new and experienced investors. I've seen it all. A lot of people read and educate themselves for years and years before jumping into their first deal. Definitely do your research but you will gain the most knowledge by doing. Best of luck in your investing journey! 

Welcome to Bigger Pockets! It sounds like to getting into a great start. I work full time and in parallel started investing in Real Estate, its lot of fun, and lot to learn. Best of luck in your investing journey!

Welcome @Bill Walker ! As you can see, our BP community is very inclusive and happy to help new investors start their journey. You mentioned you're in the Boston area, where are you located? There's some great investor clubs you should look into that's offering Zoom Meetings etc that would be a great for you to network and get familiar with the ecosystem. 

Good luck out there!

Hi @Bill Walker ,

Welcome to the wonderful world of real estate!  I am a fellow New Englander!  I am both an investor and a realtor and am loving every second of it so far.  I am relatively new to the agent side of things but its awesome so far and closing a deal on Friday!

Let me know if you would ever want to connect and get coffee or something to chat about real estate! (Need others to talk to about it so i don't drive my wife nuts! lol)

-Nick Brigham

@Lien Vuong Thank you for the warm welcome!  It is awesome to see how much support I have already received on BP.  That is such a great idea, I love closer to Norwood/Foxboro area.  Do you have any specific organizations that you have in mind that I should check out?