What Is The Best Method Of Real Estate Investing To Get Into?

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Hello Bigger Pockets Community. If this pandemic has taught me anything I would say it is to get into Investing NOW. I am new to Real Estate Investing so I was wondering what is the best method of real estate investing to get into from the start and in general? Ex. Wholesaling, Renting to tenants, Buy & Flip etc. Just looking for some opinions on where to start on this journey and where to place my focus. Thank you for your time and advice. Kind regards, Bruce Donovan.

Welcome! Sadly, no one can tell you what the best method is because there isn't one. You need to find out what will work best for you given your own personal risk level tolerance and current resources.

As long as you start doing something then you are going the right direction. 

@Jon Reed Hey man thanks for getting back to me and the advice. I understand I am going to have to plan this out based off a number of different things.Time to get to the drawing board and get started! Thank you again Jon. Kind regards, Bruce Donovan