Probate property investments

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Hey guys, my wife and I are new to investing in probate properties and We're looking for advice on how to generate leads. We have contacted county clerk for a list of properties, and we have propstream set up for skip tracing. Do you guys suggest just calling everyone on the list, sending out personal letters, or do you guys generate leads a different way starting out?

Just looking to get our foot in the door.



1. Email & call the attorney listed on the docket; they are likely to tell you to pound sand, but simply explain that you are calling to introduce yourself and want to make sure they have your information on hand in the event they run across a property that needs to be sold for cash quickly.  My partner worked with estate attorneys for a long time, it took him 1.5 years before the first one signed on... After the first one signed on he subsequently sold a couple of hundred properties from various attorneys. 

2. Email & call the personal representative - in this case, the conversation is all about getting in front of them; get in front of them & make an offer...