Legal Zoom

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Anyone have any experience with Legal Zoom's Attorney consultation? They have a special where you get a 30 min consultation(as many times as needed) for 1 yr for $190. Sounds pretty darn good. Thoughts.

Interesting. I wonder what the similarity would be between Legalzoom and Prepaid Legal. One of my colleagues has a similar service with PPL (which has a monthly fee) and she has found it to be moderately helpful.

From what I could gather, PPL sounded like kind of a watered-down version of what you get when talking with a specialized attorney. You get to talk with someone who has a lot of general knowledge (which can certainly be very helpful), but they might not know ALL of the nuances that come into play with your specific situation. Given this kind of setup, I'm not sure that you could rightfully expect anything more. When I want the best person for a specific scenario, I'm usually expecting to shell out the big bucks for the right information (because the precision is worth it).

If you just need a credible source to answer some generic questions when needed - it's probably a good fit. If you're working with a really complex or convoluted situation, you might be better off saving your pennies until you need the help, and then just paying the higher fee for the right attorney when the time comes.

Consider the varying laws from state to state as well when using those general law sites. I’ve had problems hiring a lawyer 20 minutes away from a neighboring county who ended up unsure of the restrictions placed in my county.