Getting started in New Hampshire Real Estate

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Hi everyone, 

I'm looking to get started in the New Hampshire real estate market. I'm currently moving back to the east coast, and looking to house hack in New Hampshire. Anyone from the area? would love to connect with like-minded folks.

Hi @syed zafar

welcome to the site, BP has a tremendous amount of information to help you

I'm a local investor and realtor in the New Hampshire and i would be more then happy to help you out with any questions you have

we have 2 network meeting (and we hope we can be back to do it soon ) it great place to meet with others real estate investor and we have numbers of deals done after people meet in our group, you can find more at Real Estate Events and Happenings Look forward to seeing you around! PM me if I can help

Wish you all the best!


Originally posted by @Richard Dale-Mesaros :

Hello @Syed Zafar, I'm up in the Lakes Region but have bought and sold all over the state - happy to connect and help you out in any way I can.......  :)

Hi Richard, 

Thanks for the reply. I sent over a message to you - would love to connect further. Thank you, stay well!