Hello all,

I am raising capital to make my first purchase in the holiday season of 2021 with the goal of flipping single family homes and working my way up to multi family units.  During this time I am soaking up as much knowledge as I can, reading books, listening to podcasts, browsing the BP forum ect.

In an effort to use my time in the most efficient way possible, I would like to get some hands on experience and work for someone as boots on the ground.  This is to not only see the process unfold firsthand and apply my knowledge turning it into experience, but to also to network and gain contacts.  I live in the San Francisco East Bay Area (94541).

I browse the BP job listings frequently, posted an add to craigslist, and have made a post on Reddit as well.  Where else can I get post/look to get connected with other remote investors or what are some other ways I can go about finding one?