Hello all! This will be my 4th investment property, but first true BRRRR and I'm hopeful that someone can point me in the right direction. I found a very strong deal and was able to get the property under contract dirt cheap. However, my original lender is indicating now (after the fact) that they will have trouble converting my property into a 30-year loan. I am now slightly panicked because I can't walk away from this deal...I need to find a way to make it work. Below are the details:

The major complication from the original lender is that it is zoned as mixed-use R-2. There is a dentist's office in the first unit that I plan to convert into an apartment. The second unit is fine as is and will also be an apartment. They are indicating that the appraiser will see the value in the dentist's office, thus appraising it as a commercial property instead of a residential duplex zoned as R2. Does anyone know of hard-money lenders that can help? Any help is greatly appreciated!