Multifamily Unit Properties Auburn Hills

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I've been looking to purchase my first house hack multifamily unit property (MFU) in the Auburn Hills/Rochester Hills area and have been finding little to no such properties available. After daily searches, I find an abundance of MFUs in Pontiac and surrounding cities, but none in my target area. Does anyone know exactly why this is? 

I understand that a good deal on a MFU is typically hard to find and Auburn Hills/Rochester Hills are SUPER hot markets, but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed the same thing and had any thoughts surrounding the matter. 

In my experience, the majority of communities that have multi family housing are the older communities developed slightly before, during, or shortly after WW2 to deal with the housing demand.  Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills are fairly newer communities there were not developed at the same time as surrounding communities and the demand for small multifamily units was not a priority.  

@Jeffrey Edwards mhmm I never connected those dots. Thanks for your insight, that actually makes a lot of sense. My dad worked in Auburn Hills in the early 90s and mentioned that it was basically all cornfields during that period. A lot of the development is relatively newer compared to cities like Detroit and Pontiac. 

@Cyle Harris the only way to build 2-4 unit multifamily is if zoning allows. The only reason zoning would allow it's for housing density. The only reason for housing density is shortage of land. Suburban cities rarely have a shortage of land. Those that do, like Royal Oak, typically only rezone for large multifamily.