what CRM system to use

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I am starting to begin wholesaling as well as a senior living consulting business and need to purchase a CRM system. I'm wondering what the pros and cons are of those that you all have used. Thank you for your help!

@David Nicholson , it looks like you want to choose one CRM that you will use for REI and for consulting elderly people. In this case, the REI specific CRM won't work for you, it's too expensive and targets itself only for REI.

Look towards general CRM software. They work perfectly for REI and as older people management systems.

Be careful, many common CRMs are not suitable for investors. I sent you through the DM the list of CRM software that are popular among real estate investors and their reviews.

In particular, the most popular general CRM among investors is Citrix Podio. It can work as older people management systems and it also has a free version.