Direct Mail Marketing Questions

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Hi, I'm just starting out with driving for dollars using deal machine. I am about to send out my first campaign and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about the type of mailer to use. I was planning on doing a mailing with the photo of the property included but I'm wondering if that will garner more negative attention than positive. Do you all find these effective... or just invasive for the property owner? Do you recommend using letters? Interested to know what works best for you all! If you do use mailers with a property photo, do you have any rules you make for those photos? For example, I've wondered if I should avoid using photos where there's multiple cars parked in front of the house. Thanks for your feedback!

@Hannah Bailey Congrats on taking the dive into REI. I'm not sure if you plan to wholesale, flip, BRRRR, or house hack but some people come into REI with the wrong mindset. I don't know how many deals or doors you own but finding the first one shouldn't be that complex.

Have you talked to your neighbors and friends? Have you attended a local meet up? Are wholesalers sending you deals? These are tips to find a deal that doesn't require mailing 1000s of letters (and spending money). 

@Jaron Walling Hi Jaron, thanks for the welcome! I'm essentially doing some bird dogging as a lower risk entry. I own one property that I'm house hacking. I've been networking with a more experience investors in the area and they've recommended using Deal Machine. But I also plan to put in some elbow grease and call around to the county assessor to see if I can access lists of properties that owe back taxes. Wholesaling is essentially banned in my state but I am talking to people so that I'm on their radar if they need to sell. It sounds like word of mouth has been most successful for you? 

Hi, @Hannah Bailey I recommend sending letters. I currently do that I found a great niche. I would recommend mailing with a photo of the property when selling but when looking to acquire you should just be sending a 1-2 page letter expressing your interest and an offer/PA. I learned this method from a program I bought a while back and the mail house I use Is Offers 2 Owners.

@Hannah Bailey I agree that letters are the way to go on a smaller scale campaign from Driving for Dollars. I wouldn't bother with a photo. They know what their property looks like. Instead, focus on how EASY it is for them to sell to you - rather than the traditional route of fixing things up and paying a realtor.

You can customize the letter based on owner occupied or absentee. I wrote a blog about seller-focused letters to seniors, but it can apply to all potential sellers.

When you are ready to ramp up, you will want to buy lists. It will be a better use of your time rather than driving and researching owners. Work with a list broker who can recommend some of the new motivated-seller lists.

Good luck!