Investing in the UK Property market

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Hey guys, I am new to BP and I live in the UK. 

Anyone here have experience investing in property in the UK?

PS. I aim to adapt the US strategies to the UK market, I just wanted to ask anyway. 



Are you the Echo from Echo and the Bunnymen?

Seriously, the one thing many U.S. investors stumble over is the fact that in the U.K. (at least in London metroplex) many property transactions are not fee simple transactions (which is what we are used to) but are in fact the equivalent of very long term leases.  Not sure how or whether this will impact the adoption of our strategies over there, but it is a factor to keep in mind as you explore doing so.  

@Echo Shimix , welcome! There are a few of us on here trying to gather some critical mass :)  I am trying to organise a UK focused Zoom in October, if you are interested. I have someone from my business school (not yet on BP) also interested possibly and he's done some investing in London, more than I have. Direct message me if you're interested.

About leaseholds vs freeholds yes this is a big topic--the Duke of Westminster "owns" half of London it's said. But it seems like people navigate that issue fairly well--you have to watch out for super cheap flats that may have an upcoming lease expiry that will need renegotiation.

One reason people love having a house is that you can make alterations only needing the council's permission as opposed to also needing freeholders permission. But I've heard of plenty of folks making money with flats / leasehold so it can be done.