Retaining pre-licensing information

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So I’m going on through the Maryland’s 60 required hours of pre licensing and it’s a lot of information. Is there any tips on how to better retain this information or what information would be more important than others to help me on the test?

60!? Does MD also have post-licensing hours? NC is 75 hours, and then another 90 of post-licensing. But in the school here they did a good job of providing practice tests on the things covered that week. So I used the questions on those practice tests to repeatedly test myself. I even randomized the questions (adding to them each week from that weeks practice) - and tested myself over and over again until I could answer every question from every weeks practice test. By the time we got to the final test and then the actual state exam, I knew the info cold.

@Seth Goins

60 hours isn't too bad.  NJ is some 75hrs as I recall (no post-licensing -- first time I've heard of that).  Its 120hr I think to later sit for your broker's licence...

Anyway, yeah it can be a lot if you aren't familiar with real estate. If not practice tests, can you get with some of your classmates, electronically of course, to make some sort of study session? Does MD have pre-licensure study courses? Basically, you pay to go to a 8hr or something cram session.

I don't know the MD exam, but I'm guessing they will test on a bit of everything.  Have you identified a brokerage you want to work for?  Perhaps their training person would help you study...

Good luck.

There is so much information that goes along with being a real estate agent. I would encourage you to not get overwhelmed and tell yourself that you will always be learning and getting better, even after the pre-licensing course is over. It is more important to know where to find all the information than to just memorize all the information. Build a stock of resources and guides and make that your best friend.

I am a Realtor in Tampa.  The best thing to do as stated before, is utilize the CRAM course for your state.  Mine here in Florida gave me the exam workbook and told us how many questions from each chapter were on the test.  It allowed you to know which chapters to focus on the most.  It was a huge help.  Oh, and always go with your first instinct, the questions are trick questions and can get you all caught up if you over think them.  Also, I had 3 questions that all had the same answer.  I though I was crazy but I passed on my first try in both Kentucky and Florida.  Whatever you do, don't ask a new agent what was on the test, most likely you won't ever even have the same question.  They pull from thousands of questions for each test, so they are never the same.