Hello BP peeps!

I am wondering if anyone out there is a full-time out-of-state investor. What I mean is, the cash flow from the properties is how you support yourself. Plenty of folks invest while they are working. Working a full-time job is not much of an option for me right now, however. I would like to develop a model where I can purchase properties out of state and build up enough of a portfolio that it provides $5000-6000/month in income. 

At present, I have been investing for 5+ years. Everything is out of state. I own 28 units. My strategy had been to just use the cash flow to pay down mortgages and set myself up for retirement. But circumstances being what they are I may pivot to using cash flow to live on today. I was just wondering if there is anyone who has built a successful system out of continually buying remotely and being able to pay the bills as a result...

Thanks in advance!