Quit my day job!

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Well, this week is the last week for the day job for me. :)

My family and I sat down and talked about it for a long time, and the biggest thing holding me back in my real estate business was a lack of time, followed by a lack of appropriate technology.

I'm taking a vacation day today to bone up on databases and build a solid program for my bank contacts and inventory (because it was seriously just getting out of control), and another program that will take my buyers criteria and search the property database for matches- hopefully if I am not completely finished by today, I'll be a lot closer at the end of the day. I absolutely needed some help getting my data organized, and I hope this will do it!

The time thing was the other major issue- and I'll be going full-time as of this Monday. I am very, very excited and more than a little scared.

My baby brother is also pushing me into going full time, as he's getting married soon (Yay, baby brother!), and he wants to do a bunch of Lonnie deals (mobile home investing) or subject-to purchases to turn into rentals, so on top of my wholesaling, I'll be trying to source some of that for him. He works full time and goes to school full time, but he wants to have some income streams started before he gets married.

What my brother wants is not really related to what I normally source, but I'm more than happy to spend some time working with him, to help him reach his goals. His fiancee loves what she does, and he wants to eventually be a stay-at-home Daddy. He just wants to at least bring in enough money that he does not feel like a leach on his wife's income, which makes sense to me.

So, one more week of the nine to five grind, and then... full time.

I'm elated and terrified. :)

Congratulations Shannon!!!! This sounds like this was a well thought out and strategic decision. Some of us simply work better when it is for ourselves, instead of a 9-5 boss. I look forward to meeting you around town.

John :)