Getting Started in Investing or Real Estate

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Hello, my name is Xavier Brown and I have recently turned 18 and I'm looking for new mentors to appoint me in the right direction with starting out my investing and real estate portfolio in my future. If you have any tips, anything at all, I would appreciate it! Thank you

I posted this just a few minutes ago in a nearly identical vague post like this:

I see a lot of questions like this, I would start with something that you do well already and compare this to that. If I said "I'm looking to workout but don't know where to start" or "Looking at going back to school but don't know where to start" or "Looking to find my soul mate but don't know where to start" those are often too vague to get any useful answers.

It can actually discourage people from even trying to answer actually, I see this and think "I'd love to help but I don't know where to start" so I would say ask yourself how you would answer somebody asking that about working out, swimming, dating, knitting, dieting, work on cars, etc. anything that you do know about.

Getting into business or real estate is no different than any other skill, the same way you learned to drive. To get good and clear 100k+/mo and to really help people will require obsession. I would say if you're not ready to obsess over it then move on to something that you are willing to. Hope that helps. Thanks.

Search for meetups in your area. Go to them. Network. Bring value. You have a certain skillset that you can provide to someone that is in need of it. Find that person. Continue to educate yourself.