I am looking to create a LLC

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If you're a single member LLC, you can go with Rocket lawyer and the like. If you have a partner, things can get a little more involved. Also, you would need to decide what you're opening the LLC for (i.e. - fix & flip holding co. vs an asset specific llc for a buy & hold).

Once you've got a deal under your belt, I'd consult with a REI specific CPA to get you set up the correct way.

Disclaimer: I'm not a cpa, nor an attorney so this isn't official advice. 

Hi Weiler,

In my opinion, I say do it on your own. I've started several LLCs and I do it myself. You can rent these books from your local library and they are very helpful:

Form Your Own Limited Liability Company

Your Limited Liability Company

Also, here is the info on doing it in the state of Alabama:


Typically if the structure of your LLC is relatively simple (only 1-3 members) and no special agreements, it should be pretty straight forward to get it going. You can always go back at a later time and amend your articles of incorporation after consulting with a lawyer. Let me know if there are some specific questions in regards to starting one.