New to investing in Jacksonville, FL!

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Hello Bigger Pockets! I have been listening and reading here for about 2 years now while working as a realtor with a wholesaling company in Chicago, IL. It has been interesting, and I have learned SO much.

I am getting ready to finally jump in and be an investor myself after helping many investors purchase millions of dollars in investment properties over the last 2 years.

I just moved to the Jacksonville area and am looking to make connections with people who know the Jacksonville market well. I am of course looking to build a team (Well connected Realtor, RE Attorney, reliable contractors, property manager, etc.) and get set up well. I am looking to buy my first investment property in the next 6-12 months. Hopefully a 3-4 unit building that I will house hack, but as I mentioned- I still need to understand the market and area better here in Jacksonville before setting a strategy!

Thanks so much in advance, I am looking forward to hearing what you all have to say about Jacksonville real estate!



Hi y'all! I am a Jacksonville native. Buying my first 2 duplexes this month (one today and one mid November) in Springfield and Riverside areas. These are the easiest areas for multifamily rentals IMO. Southside and the beaches are good areas for solid rentals as well. There are other up and coming areas around town with great opportunities if you're willing to take the risk. (Lower cost, higher potential payout, but bigger risk that renting will be harder and appreciation will not happen).

I’d love to connect with other Jacksonville investors! Feel free to reach out, I just sent you both a connection request!

@Rachael Greene & @Andrew Pokrzywinski Welcome to Jacksonville real estate. I moved here a little over 2 years ago from NYC and have been quite active down here.

Here's a rundown of current RE meetings and such:

There are many active RE groups here in Jacksonville FL but nothing specifically from Bigger Pockets. Due to Covid, most of the in-person stuff was shut down.

JaxReia, the oldest group, currently has 3-4 area meetings which are happening in person. Google JaxReia and you'll find out the schedule.

JaxReif, another group, also has a few area meetings. Google JaxReif and Facebook or JaxReif and Meetup and you'll find out the info.

You should also join the free Facebook group called "Yellowbird Connect" which is filled with thousands of RE people here. Their events, which used to be 150-200 people, have been indefinitely on hold due to their size. But the Facebook page is a wealth of info.

Also, I run a monthly meeting on Fleming Island (suburb of Jax) which is part of JaxReif. Usually held for lunch on 4th Tuesday of the month at Whitey's Fish Camp.  We just had one yesterday (10/27) with about 30 people.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any help.

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Nice to meet you as well!! I am looking for some good meet ups too! I was traveling for the last few months but am back settled now and want to get more plugged in to the local REI community. Please do share if you find any meet ups and I’ll do the same. 

Originally posted by @Andrew Pokrzywinski :

@AliceSun Norman great to e-meet you! Congrats on the two properties. I also just picked up a property this month, a single family w/ and ADU in San Marco.

Any recommendations on any good meet ups? I would love to connect with as many investors as possible.


Hi all! My family and I just moved to the clay county area and are looking to get into the market as well. We are just settling in and would love to start networking as much as possible. Feel free to message me anytime! Looking forward to partnering or just sharing information! Thanks for reaching out to connect!

Hi, folks. Glad to see there's interest in the Jax area. I'm a South Florida investor with a couple of properties in Jax that we've had for about a year now. I have used Will Woods with Right Time Renovations for cosmetic refresh of properties and would recommend him as you look for resources there. He's been very responsive and accommodating. Good luck.