How would you make Ian offer on a multifamily half rented?

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Your post includes almost no information and any response you get is complete fiction without first providing details to help us help you.

Where is the property?

How many units?

Is the property listed for sale? if yes, asking price?

How do you know half the units are vacant? What makes you think it is bad management?

Hey @Ian Soto , that's an interesting question. I would say there is no hard and fast rule for this. Usually, you would take the fully occupied NOI and divide that by the local cap rate. You could offer based on the current NOI and increase it a few percentages. You need to figure out how much money you need to be compensated to turn the property around and base it off that.

There likely won't be a lot of people competing for this property so you could have some leverage. Also, know that a lot of banks won't lend on a property that is only half occupied so keep that in mind. Best of luck to you, let me know how it goes.

@Brad Hammond What if it's a 4 flat and 2 of the 4 units are vacant? In this case utilizing the NOI and the cap rate is silly and a complete waste of time as it is a SFR and not a commercial space.?.?.? my original point stands. we need more info.

@Ian Soto   - I honestly would rather buy a multi-family half empty, than buy it at full occupancy and have to deal with all the weeding that has to be done on a mismanaged building