Turnover and Evict or...?

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Good Morning All,

Wanted some feedback from fellow landlords. So, I have a tenant that is in the rears about $1,100 because she could not fulfill her portion of Section 8 the last few months. She is now being fully funded until next November. I went on a tour of the unit and she had 2 holes in the walls (claims kids did one and she did one by mistake) and 1 one in the floor which she claims was there when she moved in which it wasn't. Her lease is up December 31, 2020. Do I try to evict after the moratorium (hopefully over this year) or hold on to her later into the next year? Property is in Western NY.

I would keep her assuming she (1) pays the late rent (2) she pays for the repair of the two holes in the wall (3) regularly pays the rent on time when fully funded and otherwise is a good tenant. I would only go the eviction route as a last resort. Is she refusing to move out after the termination date?

If you have pre-move in photos, you can prove that there was no hole in the floor before occupying the unit.

@Mark Lewis , I wholeheartedly agree with @Paul De Luca - turning over a property is EXPENSIVE so I try to avoid unless there are majo ongoing late pay issues, damages or other extenuating circumstances.  The issues you're talking about are going to happen with a large portion of tenants out there so you may just be trading one set of issues for another.

Keep in mind with Section 8 that you can and should notify the caseworker of any issues.  In my experience, they won't do anything unless you push it or it's a major concern (illegal activity in the house or eviction for non-payment, for example).  Also, you have an added layer of accountability with Section 8 - the tenant needs to pay arrearages and fix damages before moving from your unit, whenever that is.  After notifying the caseworker of intent to vacate, you should receive a "good standing certification" from the caseworker in which you indicate if the tenant is in good standing or not.  This is your chance to recoup any arrearages not yet paid or any damages not fixed.  The tenant is not supposed to get a voucher to move to the next house until all issues are resolved with you.