How do I post in Marketplace and list Real Estate

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Hey guys I used to be a pro member for many years dating back to 2015 or so, it got boring so I let my pro membership lapse to basic membership. Recently I decided to post some properties on marketplace, wanted to update my membership to pro, took me automatically to premium which is significantly more money a month. $99 versus $29, okay why not. So I am told with my premium membership I can generate lots of leads I can also list in marketplace, and list real estate for sale. Now maybe I'm not smart enough but how do I list a post in marketplace and how do I list real estate in real estate listings. I have asked support this question and have searched using the search tool to no avail. If anyone can point me in the right direction with links or whatever I would be very grateful thank you.

Hey Kyle I've tried all kinds of things let me give this ago and see what happens. When I start to write the post and then asked me which form I want to post it to I've put in marketplace and it does not seem to give me that option but let me try the link that you just have in your reply thank you